Foundations of Engaged Learning

Foundations of Engaged Learning - Connor Billing October...

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Connor Billing October 28, 2009 Foundations of Engaged Learning When I graduated from highs school early last May, I could not wait until I left for college in late August. Now that I am here, I have not been disappointed for the most part, just a little over involved. These past months have definitely taught me a lot about transitioning, meeting new people, and acclimating to living completely without parental authority. I had been told by my brother and my parents what to expect, but you never really know what it is going to be like until you have a little college under your belt. I would not necessarily say I have changed since I got to college, but I have been challenged and I am quickly getting use to it life without parents. These past couple months have been a real eye opener to me, not just academically but also socially. I feel that my school really prepared me well for the intensity of college academics, especially considering that I am taking honors courses. I am not overwhelmed by the work load at all, just a little stressed because I have so much other stuff to do at the same time. If I wasn’t involved in as many activities I would have a lot more time for my schoolwork and be able to relax a lot more. This work load with my activities has really made me focus on time management, even though I am worse than I was in high school. It seems that I have started to do my homework later and later just because there are so many distractions that pull me away from my work. This has definitely changed me because I use to have all my schoolwork done early and ahead of time but I find that that has not happened at all since I stared college. I feel like I have changed just because I have never had to deal with so many
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Foundations of Engaged Learning - Connor Billing October...

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