Interview with Choreographer

Interview with Choreographer - I nterview with...

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Unformatted text preview: I nterview with Choreographer An i n terv iew w i t h a D i wa l i f reshmen choreographer: J asm i ne Patel Q: Why is dance so important to Indian culture? A: Dance is important to Indian culture for a couple reasons. I cant remember a time when dance wasnt involved with Indian culture; I mean I have been involved in it pretty much my whole life. I think it is because we are able to express our culture through dancing. I mean dancing is a very expressive action which makes it easy to send a message through. Q: Which dance has the most meaning, or in other words, which dance says the most about Indian culture? A: I would say that the Classical dance is definitely the most cultural dance, but then again Bhangra is really the dance that is most widely known. Classical is awesome because the dance is basically one large prayer to our Gods. The hand movements specifically each represent different words. That is why it is so important that the dancers get all the moves right, because if they dont what they are saying could be completely different than what they...
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Interview with Choreographer - I nterview with...

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