RefelctionLetter1 - but I truly believe that a man should...

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Connor Billing Honors 181 Patrick Damo My name is Connor Billing, I am a freshman and I am short in stature but that does not stop me from having many interests and hopefully some quality talents. I like to call myself an athlete considering that I have played almost every sport offered (including cricket) but that does not necessarily mean I am proficient at all of them. Not only am I interested in sports but I am definitely an avid learner, but only in those subjects that interest me, such as business and different cultures. Also being part of the swinging club I guess I am also a dancer, once again not an expert, but maybe proficient could describe my skills in this area. I tend to think of myself as a people person so I hope I come off as being very personable and open minded, and sometimes humorous. A lot of the things that are important to other people are important to me like family and friends but I also value being a gentleman and manners I know this sounds like a real cliché
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Unformatted text preview: but I truly believe that a man should be a gentleman and show the utmost respect to those around him. I am definitely excited about the opportunity to find out exactly what my interests are and what I will want to pursue in the future. I have never been the type to focus hard on something because the courses in high school never really seemed to interest me but I am hoping this honors seminar will show me some academic topics that I am truly passionate about and want to study to learn more. In terms of the perfect working environment I would be working with others that I completely respect and trust and have fun working with. For me to learn it helps if the information his interesting or I will totally zone out and not work my hardest. The only concern I have with this program is that there will be a lot of busy work that will not further my learning experience only clog it with more work that I do not need....
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RefelctionLetter1 - but I truly believe that a man should...

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