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Environmental Ethics - treasure. I know I have violated...

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Connor Billing March 23, 2010 Honors 182 Environmental Ethics I would not call myself an experienced camper by any means, more like an inexperienced camper, but even I can understand the importance of the ethics involved, and leaving no trace when camping. Even before reading this article I had always tried to be conscious of the environment in my forays into the woods, but now I have a new perspective on how much more attention I should have been paying. I didn’t realize how much I could really change without being completely conscious of what I do when I am in the wilderness. Being ethical in general has always been something I try to be, but when it pertains to the environment I have been a little relaxed. This article really opened my eyes to how much of a negative effect I really could have by doing some the simplest things. If I follow the wrong path someone else started or choose the wrong place to set up camp, I could cause a lot of harm to the environment that I
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Unformatted text preview: treasure. I know I have violated these “rules” before when I have gone out into the woods or gone on hikes for fun, simply because I didn’t know any better. I have also been guilty of chasing wildlife around, which I am sure everyone has, but knowing the effects that has I will refrain from doing that in the future. Also, all the important steps that are needed before going on a trip, such as planning it, I have not done before. Mostly because I have never gone on an extended trip anywhere, but also because I am one to be pretty spontaneous. Now, having read this article, I know that by not planning my trip I could easily cause more harm than good. In general, I pretty much agree with everything the article says. If being this careful is what it takes to keep our environment in good condition, I am willing to follow all the tips....
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