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Unformatted text preview: Connor Billing April 27, 2010 HON 181 Geocaching Gone Wrong Response Even though I am not an experienced outdoorsman, I can still look back and see a few problems in even just the preparation for this hike. In the first place, the leaders should definitely have brought a detailed map of the area since they were not very familiar with the terrain they were hiking in. Making this adjustment could have possibly eliminated the injury that occurred on the trip. Also, it probably would have been smart to bring enough supplies such as water, to ensure that they had more than enough for their trip. I do not understand why they only brought only one GPS, because it is always a good idea to have a back-up when technology is concerned. Even if they had prepared better it is always possible that they would have ended up in the same situation. Since there is a bad injury in the group, the best course of action would obviously be to get back to base camp, so the injury is treated. So, after making sure that the injury has been treated as best it to base camp, so the injury is treated....
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