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Connor Billing August 28, 2011 Mr. Alpacino Beauchamp What is Operations and Supply Chain Management? Most consumers only see one side of a business; that is the retail store that sells them the end product. What the average consumer does not realize is the immensely complicated process that each product goes through before it is available for purchase by the consumer. This process has been given the name of Operations and Supply Chain Management. To me, this is in essence the “dirty work” that goes into every product: the behind the scenes work that no one ever asks about because all they want is to purchase the product from the shelves. It is easy to separate Operations and Supply Chain Management into two parts; operations and then supply chain management. In my opinion the operations part is the actual physical activity that goes on during the supply chain process. Each product starts as a resource on our Earth, and there is a
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Unformatted text preview: lot of machine and manual work that goes into transforming those resources into what the consumers see on the shelves at retail stores. These operations can range from the actual mining and collecting of the natural resources, to a stage as far down the supply chain as delivering the goods to the retail store itself. The supply chain management section seems pretty self-explanatory to me. All the operations that occur throughout the supply chain need management to be effective and efficient. Each sector of the supply chain has to be managed so that the process can be continued, with the product moving to the next level in the supply chain. It is vital that the management is such that the supply chain process moves as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality in each product as well....
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