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Connor Billing February 20, 2011 Assignment #2 Virtual Leader and Leadership: An Analysis The idea of using a virtual simulation to teach one about leadership seems very unrealistic at first, but once one starts to actually get involved with the simulation it becomes a little more realistic. Of course, just like any simulation, there are some unrealistic parts of Virtual Leader. A program such as Virtual Leader coincidentally also has strengths and weaknesses that area for the most part pretty similar to what is realistic and unrealistic. Also, throughout the first two simulations one utilizes leadership strategies that can also correlate to everyday life, in various different real-life situations. Virtual Leader offers a realistic view of what corporate meetings look like, and how different employees react, but at the same time it can also exaggerate the emotions an employee will show at a meeting. In terms of realism, Virtual Leader does a good job of emanating the multiple different employee opinions that a manager will have to deal with in a given meeting. Instead of having each “employee” in the simulation voice the same opinion and agree with what the manger says, Virtual Leader allows the “employees” to voice separate opinions that creates tension and conflict that the manager then has to deal with. Also, Virtual Leader creates realistic corporate problems that the student could potentially face in the future. Instead of making the situations very unrealistic and fake, the meetings that one goes through while playing are realistic that could correlate to future experiences in life. Having said this, Virtual Leader isn’t all realistic with some of the employee’s body language, and some of what they say during meetings. In the first two simulations, if one does not command the room enough and is too lenient, the employees will start yawning and stretching. This body language is
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Assignment #2 - Connor Billing Assignment#2 Virtual Leader...

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