connorbillingcase - then knows Frieda is just as capable as...

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Connor Billing April 24, 2011 Dr. Peng Wang Freida Mae Jones Case Response Stan treats Frieda differently because he says it is strictly a business decision, that possible consumers will be less likely to do business with his bank if they are working with a black employee. Stan might think this because he has had previous experience with other black employees and has found that customers aren’t as happy to work with them. Frieda believes that this treatment is ridiculous and is incensed that this racism is following her wherever she goes. Frieda has dealt with this racism in the past, and thus her tolerance of it is very short because she has been through so much. She thinks her job is no different than her experience at her high school when she wanted to apply for college. In order to appease both sides in this controversy, Stan could agree to give Frieda the same amount of responsibility as her co-workers, and then analyze the numbers from this period. If the performance is the same than there is no reason to worry about Frieda causing him to lose business and
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Unformatted text preview: then knows Frieda is just as capable as his other workers. In addition, three ways the World Bank of Boston could intervene to better handle diversity issues are; train all their management in how to handle racism in the business place, instill strict no differential treatment policies, and being completely transparent to employees about all management decisions. The idea of training all management will help because if one has been through training about diversity issues they have no excuse for not handling them fairly and efficiently. Strict no differential treatment policies will limit the amount of opportunities a manager like Stan would have to mistreat employees, because if one acted like Stan they would be violating company policy and eligible to be fired. The aspect of transparency is huge, because it leaves no room for an employee like Frieda to question the reasoning behind management decisions if the manager has already explained to her his or her exact reasoning....
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connorbillingcase - then knows Frieda is just as capable as...

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