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Connor Billing April 20, 2011 Dr. Spangler Aging Stereotypes in Multi-Media With the generation of baby boomers aging constantly comics, ads, and tv shows have started to appeal more to this generation. It is quite possible that this subtle twist in target audience is a carefully planned way for theses producers and artists to try and appeal to their audience. For the most part these aging stereotypes that are portrayed are of the negative kind because these seem to have more of the comedic appeal that the artists are trying to obtain. Unfortunately I was not proactive enough to find published materials with aging stereotypes within them but I did find comics, television show clips, magazine ads, and commercials online that definitely exemplify aging stereotypes. Both comics that I found have to do with aging and how when one gets older their brain no longer acts as it should. The first comic (#1) has to do with how the brain’s capability to memorize and retain information decreases as one gets older. The second comic (#2) does not necessarily pertain to memory loss, but instead how one’s focus on menial tasks tends to decline as one gets older. These are both stereotypes of older people that aren’t necessarily true for all elderly. Yes, as one gets older the
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adult #2 - Connor Billing Dr Spangler Aging Stereotypes in...

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