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Aron and Dutton - Aron and Dutton Response and Questions I...

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Aron and Dutton Response and Questions I don’t really see the link between emotion and sexual attraction in the terms that this article describes. Their experiment has to do with the correlation between fear and sexual attraction at a point in time. It seems to me that it is when two people go through a fearful ordeal that draws them closer together (said attraction) not necessarily one person feeling fear while the other isn’t I also believe that the way they set up their experiment could lead towards having skewed results based on who is on the bridge doing the questioning and who is being questioned Why didn’t they do an experiment where they had girls being questioned and a guy doing the interview? Did they think that this was connection between fear and sexual arousal was only a guy trait? Couldn’t it also be true that a guy will naturally be sexually aroused when there is an attractive girl who is showing interest in them?
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