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Aronson and Bushman - Questions and Response to Aronson and...

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Questions and Response to Aronson and Bushman Bushman’s article about how ‘taking our anger out” on something else, is actually not the way to diffuse your anger is very interesting. When I first started reading the article I thought that Bushman would be going on to prove that if one is very angry that they can diffuse their anger by taking it out on an inanimate object, or through some other method. I was very surprised to find that Bushman actually went on to prove the exact opposite, but as I think about it more it makes sense. When Bushman made his point that the best way to diffuse anger is to focus on something that makes you happy or something that distracts you from your anger The more I thought about it the more I understood how just focusing your anger on something could only make it worse Because instead of trying to forget your anger you are building it up more and more by hitting something
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