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Blink (Part 2) Questions and Response This part of the book brings up some really interesting points about the dark side of this incredible thin- slicing concept. I wondered when I was reading the first chapter if Gladwell was going to bring up the potential downside of thin-slicing and he definitely has in this chapter. I think it was really eye-opening the examples he gave of the experiments he had participated in himself. I know I have done similar cognitive tests to the ones he explained in the text, but did not get the same results simply because I have been exposed to multitudes if minorities so I fall into the category he describes later in the chapter as to those whose sub-conscious has been “trained” to not stereotype so much I wonder if how much of this sub-conscious stereotyping is present when we are born as opposed to developing as we grow up under the influence of our parents. It might be that our sub-conscious that pushes us to make these stereotypical thin-slices can be
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