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Unformatted text preview: Questions and Responses to Festinger and Carlsmith I think that this is a very interesting concept, but it almost seems like common sense for the most part. I understand that is always necessary to prove these types of concepts through experiments, but in this case, I dont believe this experiment proved anything ground breaking. I could pose the question though that, if no reward is offered, why is it that the speech experiment turned out the way it did? It also seems to me that the reasoning they use later in the study cant really be used in this case because there was no reward offered for writing the speech I understand that their positioning is that because the subjects were forced to right the speech their opinion wasnt really influenced because they kept reminding themselves that they were forced to right the speech Also those who are listening to the speech, arent really forced to so as the speaker makes good points, they will gradually shift their opinion, especially if they dont hear a rebuttal speech at...
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