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Gilovich Article Questions and Thoughts Couldn’t it depend on the person whether or not they feel self-conscious about walking into a room full of people wearing a particular shirt? To me it seems that each person is not the same in whether or not they get embarrassed by the clothing they are wearing Some things seem to affect people more than others so to me it seems that these experiments may have missed a variable that could actually play a part in how they react to certain situations Also, I feel the number of people that one has to be seen in front of might also affect how self- conscious they feel about what they are wearing or have to do in front of the group Has it proven through experiments that everyone gets embarrassed in the same way and through similar actions? If the spotlight effect is in fact true, is it basically just saying that all humans are born egotistical, thinking that they have more of an affect on a group than they really do? Essentially they were trying to prove that we automatically assume that more people are
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