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Klein and Kunda - Klein and Kunda Questions and Thoughtful...

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Klein and Kunda Questions and Thoughtful Reflections If we use social comparison to bolster ourselves, by saying we don’t do the bad as much as we do the good, do we also say we do the good a lot more than the bad? I know the articles talks about how we tend to say that we do “bad things” less than others who are the social norm, but I don’t believe it mentions anything about us trying to make it seem like we are better than others by making ourselves out to doing more good things than others The article’s main argument is how we tend to make ourselves better by saying that we do less of the bad things in life in others But, it doesn’t mention anywhere how might to try to exaggerate our accomplishments to look better than others The article also mentions that there is a sort of threshold of how low we will go before some sub- conscious part of our brain kicks in refuses to let us go any lower. Is threshold different depending on the person and their morals?
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