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Martin Luther King Jr. Response and Questions This letter is a very, very powerful response to the statement sent out by the Clergymen in Alabama. I know the actual content of the letter isn’t the focus of this response, but I was blown away by the writing of Martin Luther King Jr. It stuns me to this day how brave and how brilliant he was, only to be thwarted for years by simple phenomena that can now be explained in psychological terms. I was always curios as to why segregation lasted for so long after the laws had been passed. I guess this shows that there really is no limit to how much power is in conformity. I guess a better explanation of the above comment would be that I would have thought that something that was as morally wrong as segregation was would still be affected by something as simple as group conformity. I would have thought that this psychological phenomena would have had a threshold just like the rest of the ones we have learned about have It is almost scary that conformity has no boundaries, this is almost even more supported by
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