Milgram and the Holocaust

Milgram and the Holocaust - Milgram and the Holocaust This...

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Unformatted text preview: Milgram and the Holocaust This is a very powerful and riveting article that really lends a lot of insight into how cruel we humans can be when we are ordered around by those who hold positions of power. I think it is interesting how many people had problems with his experiment because they were worried about the ethics of it because they thought that it I was too much of a representation of what the Holocaust was like. What is it that makes an experiment so unethical? • I think that over the past years the restrictions on what has been determined to be ethical and what is unethical has changed because we as a society have deemed what was ethical years ago to now be ethical • Back when Milgram did this experiment he was only questioned by a few of his colleagues, but as we read the experiment in its entirety today, we are appalled by what we put his participants through • It leads me to wonder how far today’s society would allow an experiment like Milgram’s to continue before shutting it down...
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