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Nisbett_Wilson - Nisbett and Wilson Article Response How is...

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Nisbett and Wilson Article Response How is it possible to design experiments to decide whether or not we consciously can put reason behind our actions? To me this type of experiment does not seem possible given that it is an experiment designed to test us about our decision making I understand all the experiments had controls and variable that were specifically used to try and cut out any alternate reasoning for the actions that occurred during the experiment but I still don’t know if I can agree with the findings If this article is true, isn’t it basically saying that there is no such thing as a sub-conscious, or could it possibly be saying that all we have is a sub-conscious? If we do not know why we make the decisions we do, how do we make the decisions in the first place? We might not be able to explain ourselves to someone who is interrogating us about our decision making process, but this doesn’t mean we don’t know why we made the decision
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