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Questions and Responses to Petty et. al In my opinion this article said in seven pages what it could have said in one or two. I understand that the authors need to explain their topic as much well as they think they can, but in this case, the more I read the more confused I became. My understanding from the first couple pages was that if one is highly involved in something that requires their opinion they are likely to be persuaded based on the message being delivered. But, those who fall into the low-involvement category tend to be more easily persuaded based on the validity of the source. I understand how their experiment proved their research hypothesis that what I explained above is true, I just don’t know if I completely buy into this, despite the experimental proof. Personally, if I am highly-involved in something I am going to make sure that the source from which I am getting the data is a good one, and can be trusted. It is going to matter to me if I have never heard of the source before
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