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affirmative action paper - The Value of Academic...

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The Value of Academic Affirmative Action Andrew Medoro Political Science 142 “I understand the University’s rules governing plagiarism. The work contained in this paper is my own, and any words or ideas taken from other authors are appropriately cited.” _________________________________
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The concept of Affirmative Action i has a long and storied history within the United States of America, channeling well into our Social Service Departments, Labor Industries, as well as in the Private Sector. More recently however top-tier Colleges and Universities have decided in order to better represent certain minority groups, their interests would be best served by the implementation of either lowering standards, or designating several spots in their application procedure for such minority students. Such a policy when implemented at elite universities seems contrary to that of their initial goal that is “Elite institutions are very performance oriented. They deliberately take people at a very high level to begin with” ii When such a procedure is enacted upon it serves to undermine the inherent effort of elite universities, which is to provide top tier education to top tier students. Affirmative Action is a policy, which directly counter-acts the attempts of Universities and ultimately lowers their chances at exporting the best quality students. The key issue at stake here is, can such a measure be constitutional. While many would argue that such efforts are held in direct contrast to the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. iii This amendment specifically restricts preferential treatment given on the grounds of race. Such treatment can be given as grounds for reverse discrimination. iv When held in direct contrast to the strict policies of anti-discrimination, it can be seen as ironic that such a policy designed to spur equality and fairness is actually encouraging discrimination, making such an action counter productive. For a policy that is designed to ultimately make America a better and more equal society it in
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affirmative action paper - The Value of Academic...

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