Speech 2 - General purpose/Topic (Specific Purpose): Need...

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General purpose/Topic (Specific Purpose): Need for reinvestment in US infrastructure Central Idea (Main Point): To persuade my audience of the importance in reinvesting in the United States failing infrastructure. Introduction I. How many times have you driven over a rusted railroad crossing? How many newscasts have you watched discussing flooding as levees broke and flood waters devastated homes and communities? II. The United States must face a serious problem if it wishes to III. One of the only events where teams race backwards across a race course that is constantly changing. IV. If you have not guessed yet I am speaking about rowing. V. I would like to share with you a brief history of this sport and how it has matured into the event we watch today. (Transition: Let’s first investigate the origins of rowing.) Body I. The first recorded instance of oars being used to propel a vessel is credited to the ancient Egyptians. A. They began rowing the pharaohs barges along the Nile river as rowing was seen a feat of strength and skill. 1. The Egyptians were also the first group to have coxswains, whose duty it was to set the tempo or rate at which to row. 2. Their modern day counterparts have very much the same job, but they
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Speech 2 - General purpose/Topic (Specific Purpose): Need...

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