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MIS Chapter 18 Extension

MIS Chapter 18 Extension - This means that your business...

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MIS Chapter 18 Extension Q1: Why do organizations need to manage businesses processes? Organizations need to manage business processes for many reasons. The first real is the process is dynamic and will often need to be changed. This is because a process can work well for some parts and then not work well for others. It will not produce the desired data, and businesses with nonworking businesses systems cannot survive in this global market. Another reason they need to manage the business processes is because of a change in technology. This could mean that you could further how you can use your information system by upgrading the technology that you are using for it. The third reason for managing your business process is because of a change in the business fundamentals.
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Unformatted text preview: This means that your business might change leading to a need to change your business process. Q2: How does Business Process Modeling Notation document business processes? Q3: How can business processes be improved? They can be improved in three fundamental ways. The first way is you can add more resources to the business process. This is called brute-force approach where you add more people or equipment to the business process. The second way that you can improve is by changing the structure of the process. The third way to improve this is by doing both of the above processes. Credit Check Information: -Name -SSN -Address -Banking Information Special term Approval Information -Name -Order-Terms wanted...
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