Speech midterm review - -Use numbers for parts in your...

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Speech study guide - In public speaking, speaker and listener influence each other. - In public speaking, the audience is the center of the transaction. - Anxiety and nervousness is experienced by everybody - Anxiety is important. - Listeners can help the speaker relieve anxiety - Experience will help reduce public speaking anxiety - Never tell your audience that you’re nervous - It’s best to begin a speech with what you know - Even a good speaker needs to know their audience before they can speak - Giving the source and date of the statistics is necessary for a speech - The hot spots of the speech is beginning and end. They don’t necessarily remember the middle - You should always tell the purpose of the speech except if it’s a persuasive - If you forget a point at the body of the talk, don’t mention it in the conclusion - Avoid complete sentences in an outline - Spoken and written language are expressed differently - Organize ideas in an outline - Don’t vary your pitch in your speech - Start off slowly at beginning of talk
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Unformatted text preview: -Use numbers for parts in your speech-Rephrase and paraphrase your key points-Forms of feedbacks are smiling, nodding and furrowing the brow-Thesis statement is what the speaker wants the audience to absorb-The speaker should word his speech in a way such as to make it intelligible-When a speaker is nervous, the audience don’t detect it-Most effective type of example are examples shared by the audience’s pastor -Internal preview- in the body of the talk-Internal summaries and internal preview can be used to connect 2 parts of speech-It’s important to limit the amount because listeners can’t absorb all the information-Avoid using technical terms in your speech-Mnemonic device is the science of memory-Audience listen to speech that’s useful to them-When using visual aids, speaker should never pass it around the room while speaking-Use silences to let audience absorb information-Extemporaneous is not memorized-...
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Speech midterm review - -Use numbers for parts in your...

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