18th Century America - 18th Century America Chapter 4 day...

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18 th Century America Chapter 4 day 9/14/11 The governor of each colony responded to the kings, instead of the colony. The royal governor had more power than the king did. The colonial assemblies could tax. They made sure that the government in London was present not to mew with colonist liberties. The patrionag of the roaly governers said that they would be governer if they were helped first, eye for eye. People knew what was going on in colonies, even London’s intensions on the colonies “questional” and royal governers. The coloniests felt like the colonist were being governed like England, and felt offended because they were different. o British could not vote, so they thought they were not the same. Prior to 1689 colonists were in wars against Indians, now they were becoming involved or affected or interested by the wars between france and England in Europe. The seven years war is the French and indian war. Colonist ware becoming involved in French and English polotics, so England tinks that the colonists are going to help I the war. o To prove false, Indians sided with the French. o Ben frankin developed the Albany plant, and this was an organization to fight the Indians. (made of representatives) h Repres. Began getting jelous because some had more power the others. (money). o The French remained in control of ohio valley even during the war. Fench lost louiburg, and for the peace treaty wanted to get Louisburg back from England. William pit-during the seven years war- wanted to kick the French out of North America, pour much money into the war until surrender, then England was in much debt, but they won. 100 years later the French have moved out from N. America. Colonist thought they were helping out England, and so now the colonists feel like brothers towards the ungrateful Europeans. (British saw them as second class people) . The unbalanced tradeing between the colonies and England brought them together. They were each trading with one another.
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Creoles in south America fought for independence because they were “belittled by the Spanish” same with the united states. Mini Review for the Test Tomorrow
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18th Century America - 18th Century America Chapter 4 day...

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