John Winthrop - banished. He basically was like a father,...

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John Winthrop What led Winthrop to leave England for North America? The reason John Winthrop left England for North America was because he had an idea; to have a purified religion without Catholicism. He then wanted to migrate to North America with fellow Puritans. At that current time Puritans were not wanted in England, thus James I was glad to sponsor Winthrop’s journey with the Puritans to North America. How did Winthrop’s upbringing influence his attitude towards leadership in the Massachusetts Bay Colony? John Winthrop’s positive influenced his leadership in the Massachusetts Bay Colony because he had a mindset of exactly how he wanted his colony to be. Winthrop “was a man used to getting his own way” with this mentality he was able to lead Massachusetts without any threats, if there were they were
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Unformatted text preview: banished. He basically was like a father, who raised and lead Puritans to better Massachusetts, hence the definition of “upbringing”. How does this colonial experiment compare to the English colony at Jamestown? This colonial experiment compares to the colony at Jamestown first by both colonies originating founders are English men. Both Winthrop and Smith were strong leaders in which lead their colonies to high peaks. Though both colonies had people who threatened their policies or ideas such as the Native Americans threatening territorial area for Virginia, and antinomians such as Anne Hutchinson threatened “social taboos” and other religious ideas that were against policies of Massachusetts. Overall both colonies had their tests and trials which had a rise and a fall....
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