Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age

Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age - Political Paralysis...

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Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age I. The Election of 1868 A. “Gilded Age” . . . Mark Twain in 1873 . . . It refers to the great wealth, opulence, and wastefulness of the age during another time of industrialization. Corrupt bargain election – election of 1864 B. The Republicans . . . C. The “Bloody Shirt” Election Grant was the most popular man in America and the youngest man elected at that time Grant could be brutal, foul mouth, and brutal with his soldiers The Republicans pick Gen. Ulysses S. Grant . . . The Democrats pick Horatio Seymour D. The Results . . . Grant won 214-80 Smoked 25 cigars a day E. 3 still unreconstructed states . . . MS, TX, and VA! II. Scandals and Corruption A. 1869 – “Jubilee Jim” Fisk and Jay Gould attempted to corner the gold market . . . September 24, 1869. To sell the gold they earned. B. “Boss’ Tweed in NYC . . . Finally caught in 1871 Tamane Hall C. Corruption in the FEDERAL Government: 1. The Credit Mobillier Scandal Decided they are going to get it making these railroads but 2 folks are involved so the government gives grants of money in building the railroads in 1872 Pacific Union Insiders formed Credit Mobilier Construction Company. Eventually two congressmen are caught and even the Vice President of the United States accepted the money in this scandal 2. The Whiskey Ring 1874-75 . . .
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O. Babcock Excise Tax 3. Indian Reservation SCANDAL Grant’s Sec. of War – William Belknap . . . accepted bribes and pocketed the money D. All of this tarnished Grant and the Republicans . . . III. The Liberal Republican Revolt of 1872 A. Disgust with Grantism began to build . . . B. Election of 1872 . . . Liberal Republicans formed the Liberal Republican Party and nominated Horace Greeley . . . C. Republicans stuck with the President . . . D. The Democrats backed Greeley! E. The result – Grant won a dirty campaign easily – 286-66. F. But, the Republicans realized they had to clean house . . . and passed the Amnesty Act Confederate soldiers and leaders. Thus Democrats could regain power in the South. IV. The Panic of 1873 A. Grant’s woes deepened in the economic panic that broke in 1873. Unbridled capitalist expansion brought on another crash, because. . People were unable to pay their loans
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Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age - Political Paralysis...

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