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Graham 1 Jamie Graham Professor Brenda Amador English Composition 1101 8 August 2011 Is Death the End? No one knows. In the End Where do we Really Go? A Christian may claim that death “Is to be absent from body and present with the Lord”. While Scientist will describe it as a fairly normal phenomenon, in which activity in the brain ceases to exist. It’s inescapable. Buddha argued that death led to happiness or a sense of completeness, but one would need to die a multitude of times before that happened. While Native Americans believed that death was to return to the Earth from which they had originated. Calvinist boasted of a death in which your destination was already pre-destined. Their God had already decided where they were going when they died. Theories help human-beings cope with the unknown. “Journey Through the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is a fascinating exhibition through which to view the complex belief systems of the Ancient Egyptians” (Gardiner). The journey, which the book illustrates, leads to a trial where a soul would go through a test. The essence of one’s heart would be measured on a scale against the substance of all things pure, the “Maat” (it was represented by
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Copy of Illustrations Mla - Graham 1 Jamie Graham Professor...

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