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World Religion - Nicolas Croonenberghs Final Paper 3442160...

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Nicolas Croonenberghs 3442160 REL3308 Final Paper World Religions June 17, 2011 Which of the religions you have studied seems to be most focused on behavior and deeds, and which on the cultivation of spiritual and moral character? In which religions is the family central to the religion? Before I answer this question, we have to clarify that all religions are different in their own way. It might be the fact that they have various traditions and ceremonies that they follow, but one thing is for sure, they all differ. A religion that I found really focused on behavior and deeds would have to be Islam. As most religions do, the Muslims believe in only one God who is supposedly superior to mankind. He is said to be the creator of the universe and the source of good and evil. Muslims, like most religious traditions, have to follow a set of very specific and important rules. These include the recital of different prayers five times a day, or the fasting of food, drinks or sex from sunrise to sundown. Muslims teach that there is only one God, he is worshiped by a lifetime of good deeds and disciplined religious rituals. They believe that after death a person is either rewarded or punished depending on their lifelong religious devotion. I think that the Islamic religion really demonstrates what behavior is all about because of the fact that a Muslim will spend his entire life dedicated to
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World Religion - Nicolas Croonenberghs Final Paper 3442160...

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