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journal 3

journal 3 - communities in hope of comparing religious and...

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Nicolas Croonenberghs 3442160 REL 3308 3 rd journal World Religions Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Christian Center Releases Statement on Christian-Jewish Relations. In the following journal, I am going to introduce an article that I found very interesting. In the article The Hebraic Heritage Christian Center gave out a statement that talked about the "Covenant and Witness" to try and push people to enter a new era of Christian-Jewish associations primarily focused on respect and mutual support. Later in the text, HHCC President Dr. John D. Garr added to the previous statement by explaining to us that Christian Scholars have been contacting Jewish leaders from different communities to try and understand the similarities that both religions have. Furthermore he declared that the group had meet with religious and academic leaders from the Orthodox Jewish
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Unformatted text preview: communities in hope of comparing religious and theological problems which is important for both religions. We know that the origins of Christianity are found in Judaism, which means that a lot of the beliefs that are followed from both religions have a lot of similarities. If Both religious groups really worked together they might stumble upon a revelation that could suggest they both believe in the same God. But where we know they differentiate is the fact that Christianity believes in Jesus Christ and Judaism follow the Messiah. If something were to be found it could be beneficial to both religion because it would bring them much closer as a whole community. Source: http://www.religionnews.com/index.php?/pressreleases/christian_center_releases_statement_on_christian _jewish_relations/...
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