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journal 4 - posed a big problem to them, and later on, took...

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Nicolas Croonenberghs 3442160 REL 3308 4 th Journal World Religions Friday, June 03, 2011 Nepal Plans New Criminal Code Forbidding Evangelism . For my fourth Journal, I managed to find a great article which introduced new criminal laws in Nepal. Most of this article explains what the new law about and the consequences that will happen if you don’t obey them. The law that they are putting into effect, basically states that no man with a committed religion can try and convert another person who also has a specific religion. The code also says that no one is allowed to do or behave in any way which might influence a person to convert. Nepal’s Christian community, which has no say in the Council of Parliament, were unaware of these new laws and were caught off-guard. Seeing as Christianity has a high rate of conversion, it
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Unformatted text preview: posed a big problem to them, and later on, took this matter to judges to try and find a compromise. In my opinion, I find this law beneficial for Nepal’s religion but problematic towards other religions that are practiced in the country. For Nepal’s religion, which is a pretty intricate religion, this law will really show how unique they are and the fact that they will not try and convince people to join but rather let the people make the choice of joining. On the other hand, a religion like Christianity will find this law posing a threat towards spreading the word of God to other people. Source:
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journal 4 - posed a big problem to them, and later on, took...

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