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journal 5 - everything but some people believe that there...

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Nicolas Croonenberghs 3442160 REL 3308 5 th Journal World Religions Thursday, June 09, 2011 Can Science and Faith Co-Exist? The 31st Annual Christian Scholars'  Conference C at Pepperdine Explores the Question For this week’s journal, I found a great article, which for me was a great read because it poses a question which I sometimes ask myself. The whole goal of the argument put forwards is too try and find a link between science and faith. For many years, science has helped us understand a lot about the whole nature of the world and its history. Also giving us a major leap in the evolution of our daily life and the way the world works. Even though this might be the case, religion in my eye, is just another form of science. It follows completely different methods to interpret the creation of the world and the way everything prevailed throughout time. To some people science might be the answer to
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Unformatted text preview: everything, but some people believe that there is more to it, that life was created by something greater than we will ever know. There is a problem though; a lot of scientific theories contradict the beliefs of Christianity for example. This poses a lot of issues between the two because on one side we have real fact with proof, and on the other side we only have written knowledge which indicates what “might” have happened. Even though this might be the case, people still find reason to follow their beliefs which I find a powerful aspect when it comes to faith. Who knows maybe one day science will end up helping a religion discover the real truth and clarify numerous problems that are present in modern faith. Source: http://www.religionnews.com/index.php?/pressreleases/can_science_and_faith_co_exist_the_31st_annual _christian_scholars_conferenc/...
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