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journal 6 - would find themselves having no one But at the...

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Nicolas Croonenberghs 3442160 REL 3308 6 th Journal World Religions Friday, June 10, 2011 Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Face New Challenges For my final journal piece, i discovered an article, which I thought was interesting, because of the challenges that were risen throughout the read. A lot can be debated in this argument because of the multiple opinions that people might have on this subject. The article mainly describes the possibility of a bill being instated, which would force Faith- Based adoption agencies to choose between closing down these centers, or keep going through with the program which would mean to violate the beliefs that are followed. Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council, added that the outcome could result in the closure of these agencies or that people would have to oppose to all their beliefs. I find this a very difficult decision to make because of the fact that if they stop, children
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Unformatted text preview: would find themselves having no one. But at the same time if they were to continue it would contradict everything they believe in. In my opinion, the only benefit that I see in this situation is towards the children because they might get a higher chance of getting adopted by a wider and more diverse part of the population. Christianity does not support the idea of sexual orientation, or marital status of the parents, which in turn, lowers the possibility for a child to get adopted. Even though this might be the case, I think that Faith-Based agencies views their actions as being the best intention for the child, which I can understand, but I really think that the solution here would be to let the children choose for themselves if this is what they want. Source:
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journal 6 - would find themselves having no one But at the...

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