Entry 2 - John Malloy Entry#2 Kate Chopin Katherine...

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Unformatted text preview: John Malloy Entry #2 Kate Chopin Katherine O'Flaherty was born on February 8, 1851 in St. Louis, Missouri Chopin grew up with well-mannered and successful parents After her father died, Chopin became very close to her mother and great grandmother Married Oscar Chopin in 1870 at age 19. After giving birth to five boys and one girl, the family was forced to move multiple times due to Oscar Chopin’s slow business Oscar died in 1882, leaving Kate with a then huge debt of $12,000 Shortly after moving back in with her mother, away from her financial burdens, her mother died A doctor recommended Chopin try writing as a means of coping with her new-found depression Becoming a well-known public writer, Chopin created over one hundred short stories, essays, and novels “The Awakening”, one of her most well-known, yet least appreciated works, created much turmoil and flak for Chopin After twelve years as an author, Chopin became essentially nonexistent in the literary world In 1904, Chopin died of a cerebral hemorrhage “The Story of an Hour” appears to perfectly replicate the feelings Kate Chopin...
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Entry 2 - John Malloy Entry#2 Kate Chopin Katherine...

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