Entry 3 - “Renewing rains” and “patches of blue...

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John Malloy Entry #3 “The Story of an Hour” “The Story of an Hour” begins by mentioning the fragility of Mrs. Mallard due to her heart disease. According to Barbara C. Ewell, this is like “the loaded gun of melodrama”, and is a perfect example of how Kate Chopin manages the controversial subject of this story. This disease slowly progresses from a physical ailment into a spiritual problem, yet seemingly disappears when news of Brently arrives. Chopin reveals through Mrs. Mallard’s oppression that she only stayed vigilant through Brently’s “blind persistence” because of the “guise of Love.” Ewell believes that Mrs. Mallard’s views of marriage and love change from being the only thing worth living for, to being second to self-assertion. The setting as well reveals this feeling of change in Mrs. Mallard. During the scene at the window, she first weeps, but soon observes signs of hope.
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Unformatted text preview: “Renewing rains” and “patches of blue sky” are soon observed and Mrs. Mallard gets new feelings of a renewal of life. According to Ewell, this celebration of freedom is short-lived though, as she soon realizes it is not reality. Ewell also feels that Chopin very skillfully changes the point of view from being distant from Mrs. Mallard to being in tune with her thoughts. She at last leaves her room to descend the stairs “like a goddess of Victory.” This is short-lived though as Brently walks in alive and well, resulting in the death of Mrs. Mallard. Ewell believes that by the doctors giving the cause of death to be a “joy that kills,” Chopin is, again, taking the point of view distant, showing how misunderstood Mrs. Mallard really was. Chopin, Kate. “The Story of an Hour.” Short Stories for Students. Ed. Ira Milne. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2008....
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Entry 3 - “Renewing rains” and “patches of blue...

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