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John Malloy Entry #5 “The Story of an Hour” 5a. 30+18+9+27+32+21+12+15+7+10 = 179/10 = 18.1 word/sentence 5b. 22/100 = 22% modifiers 5c. Out of first 10 sentences: Simple - 4 Complex - 4 Compound - 2 Begins with participial phrase - 1 5d. 10 words with more than two syllables The average sentence length over 10 sentences varied between 7 and 32. Though this is a large range, a majority of the sentences were between 15 and 30. Of those 10 sentences, the number of simple, complex, and compound sentences was quite even. By comparing the number of words in each sentence and the number of each type of
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Unformatted text preview: sentence, a correlation is evident. While there were four simple sentences, there were also four sentences under 15 words in length. Similarly, there were two compound sentences and two sentences with at least 30 words. The number of words with more than two syllables was surprisingly low. Throughout the first 100 words, only 10 of them had more than two syllables. The author doesnt use many high level words, but is descriptive. Roughly 1/5 of the first 100 words were modifiers. This number is neither surprisingly high nor startlingly low....
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