Entry 6 - she died because she was so happy to see Brently...

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John Malloy Entry #6 “The Story of an Hour” 6a. -Josephine and Richards tell of husband’s death -Mrs. Mallard goes to room -Nice spring day outside -Mrs. Mallard in room reflecting on marriage -Josephine begging Mrs. Mallard to come out -Mrs. Mallard goes down stairs as Brently Mallard enters -Doctors accustom her death to a joy that kills -7 Scenes 6b. The scenes vary by as much as about half a page. The shortest scene is when the doctors diagnose the cause of Mrs. Mallard’s death, whereas the longest scene is when she is in her room reflecting on her marriage and what she will do now. With the exception of the longest one, the scenes are usually only two or three paragraphs long. 6c. The most important role of the scenes is to show Mrs. Mallard’s struggle between sorrow and joy at losing her husband. This is very apparent within the first few scenes where Mrs. Mallard initially cries, but then sees hope outside. The last scene where the doctors say she died of a “joy that kills,” seems to leave it up to the reader as to whether
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Unformatted text preview: she died because she was so happy to see Brently, or because she was so happy to finally be free, but then get it stripped away from her. 6d. The material from the “past” comes into play when Josephine and Richards must break the news to Mrs. Mallard of her husband’s death. 6e. Rearranging the order of the scenes in this story would completely change the message conveyed. If Mrs. Mallard went through all her “happy to be free” scenes first, followed by all the scenes in which she wept, this would be a completely different story. This would show that though her first reaction was to be enlightened by the freedom this brought, she realized how much she loved Brently and would miss him. On the other hand, if she wept first, then went through all of her “happy to be free” scenes, this would be close to the actual story. Yet, simply by having Mrs. Mallard die before Brently comes home would ensure the reader that she really did enjoy the idea of freedom at last....
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Entry 6 - she died because she was so happy to see Brently...

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