Final Outline - 1. Moles seem to speak in a form of cockney...

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Malloy 1 More Fact than Fiction: Redwall Society Thesis: By implementing archetypal characters, Brian Jacques’s Mossflower creates a microcosmic human society composed of unique animal characters. I. The Redwall societies face numerous real-life situations and problems that have real, and serious, consequences. A. The woodland creatures are faced with a tyrannical wildcat ruler that threatens their very lives during hard times. B. Only through working together are the peaceful creatures able to overthrow the tyrant and live in peace. C. The numerous predators that stalk the land in search of food are a constant threat. II. Jacques uses a wide range of creatures in his novels and gives each species a unique personality and feel. A. Jacques often-times characterizes his characters by certain racial dialects.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Moles seem to speak in a form of cockney English. 2. The less intelligent sparrows use pidgin English to communicate. 3. The birds of prey tend to speak with a slight Scottish accent. B. Many of the species depict a role in human society. 1. Badgers are motherly, yet fierce warriors. Malloy 2 2. Hares have been compared to English upper class militia types. 3. Jacques has admitted the shrews of the novel to be similar to dock workers. C. Mice tend to be the heroes of Jacquess novels. D. The villains tend to be vermin, reptiles, or sly creatures. III. Much of what Jacques writes relates to his life. A. Jacquess young years and Liverpool upbringing show into his writing significantly. B. Many characters are based on people that had a significant influence in his life....
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Final Outline - 1. Moles seem to speak in a form of cockney...

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