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3rd Quarter Reflections

3rd Quarter Reflections - several subjects Hopefully having...

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John Malloy 3 rd Quarter Reflections Reflection 1 I would say that my grade does indeed accurately reflect my efforts. Unfortunately, this quarter was one of my hardest in high school throughout all my classes. This resulted in my grades being slightly lower than average. Despite this, I still put all the effort possible into my classes and am fairly happy with the end result. Many of the physics sections we covered this quarter were slightly harder to grasp. Whether that is because of high workload across all my classes, or simply because they were tough sections, I’m not sure. Also, I’ve been trying to complete the weekly packets more independently. Unfortunately this means I’ve been scoring lower on them, but hopefully it will pay off later. Reflection 2 My biggest focus for this next quarter is definitely the AP Test. I’m definitely going to be working my hardest to be prepared for it. Unfortunately I’m going to have to spread my focus across
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Unformatted text preview: several subjects. Hopefully having so many to study for will keep me more focused on my studies as the year winds down. On a non-academic note, I’m hoping to do well in my first track season. Reflection 3 At this point, I’ve got to keep on top of my study habits and put extra effort into keeping up with them. The senioritis is kicking in, but I’ve got to stick it out for another month until after the AP’s. Aside from that, I’ve just got to keep on doing what I’ve been doing. Reflection 4 You’ve just got to keep on doing what you’ve been doing. I’d like to see more multiple choice questions from past sections. It seems like a lot of the questions we see now are just from the most recent sections. Also, I’m not sure what you do to study for the exam after our last test, but I would recommend making any study packets for a grade. This would ensure that everyone actually puts effort into them....
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