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John Malloy 1-15-2009 Reflection - 1 I think my grade is a pretty accurate representation of my efforts. For the most part, I’ve understood everything we’ve gone over this quarter. The section that I’ve had the most trouble with, though, was the one dealing with work, power, and energy simply because you can’t really visualize these things. They aren’t as intuitive as, say, the projectiles were where you could look at your answer and determine if it looked good. Also, I had trouble with the recent math quiz over gravitation. For some reason, I had a very hard time remembering any of the equations dealing with gravity. Overall, I would have to say that my grades are quite reflective of my effort. Reflection – 2 I can only hope to keep up with my success in physics so far.
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Unformatted text preview: In some of my other classes, like calculus and English, I’m on the verge between an A and B. I would like to see these bumped up to the same level as physics. On a different note, I hope to get involved with track and make it onto the varsity distance team. Reflection – 3 I’m not worried so much about improving my study habits at this point, as much as I am about keeping up with them despite Senioritis kicking in. This goes for all of my classes, and unfortunately, will probably be hard to do. Reflection – 4 All you can do is keep doing what you’ve been doing. It’s been working out great so far and I couldn’t ask for more. Maybe just slap me around a bit if I start getting too lazy....
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