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John Malloy 2/3/09 Straw Rocket Reflection – 1 In order for this project to go smoothly, a basic understanding of aerodynamics is needed. When going for distance, it’s important to realize that big fins will only create drag. For shorter distances, though, this can be a good thing. When going for the accuracy shot, larger fins should be used to your advantage. If your rocket requires more power to go that short distance, then there will be more leeway in how close you are to the required power. Also, craftsmanship was vital when creating the actual rocket. If the rocket is poorly built, then it most likely will be less consistent and will travel a shorter distance. Straw Rocket Reflection – 2 For this particular project, I spent a good deal of time designing my rocket. I tried very hard to get the fins on straight and evenly distributed. Once I got the fins on firmly, I tested the rocket for distance. I built two models before the one I finally decided to use. I also spent a lot of time testing my
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