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John Malloy Year-End Reflections May 15, 2009 Reflection-1 My biggest goal for the future is to be successful. I feel like my choice to major in computer science was the right one. Now I can only hope to as well in and after college as I have been up to this point in my life. Later on in life, I can’t really say where I’d like to live. I’ll most likely end up in a small town similar to North Canton, if not in North Canton. Reflection-2 I went through my favorite memories in one of the newsletter bonuses. Though I don’t want to write it all again, I’d have to add working on puzzles to that list. My least favorite memory of all would definitely be the actual AP test. The extended response really shook me up when I saw so many electricity and magnetism questions. Reflection-3 I would definitely go over more electricity-oriented areas, and sooner. Considering how much of the test is geared around this area, I would think we would
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Unformatted text preview: cover it more thoroughly. To make time for it, I feel like less time could be spent going over the Newtonian physics. They’re the easiest to understand since they’re so logical. Other than that, though, the class was great. One thing that made the class so enjoyable was your seemingly never-ending experiments and examples for every topic. Those aren’t only fun, but very helpful. I’m not sure how, but maybe find more of them for the electricity section. The Van de Graff generator was good, but it didn’t really help with circuits. Reflection-4 Begin your study of electricity and magnetism before you think you need to. It shows up often and accounts for much of the material on the AP test. And yes, this means you should probably even study out of class!...
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