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John Malloy Sept. 4, 2008 I. Introduction II. Family A Dad 1. Owns apartments 2. Very involved B. Mom 1. Physical therapist 2. Amazing cook 3. Misses Alex and Michael C. Alex 1. Freshman at Findlay 2. Physical therapist D. Michael 1. Junior at Dayton 2. Computer whiz/mechanical engineer E. Gizmo 1. Small, little fluff ball
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Ferocious little thing III. Hobbies A. Soccer 1. Varsity captain 2. Pretty good team 3. Cant wait for indoor B. Chess 1. Since sixth grade 2. Lots of fun C. Friends 1. Soccer guys 2. Tight nit group 3. Every week D. Ping Pong 1. Love playing 2. Starting a club IV. Conclusion...
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