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If I Could Outline - B Snack on animal crackers and juice...

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John Malloy If I Could… I. Introduction A. Imagine a world where. .. B. Show clip C. Introduce Ethan II. Why? A. Look at him 1. Cute and adorable 2. Chick magnet B. Not a care in the world 1. No school 2. No nagging 3. Hopefully enough paper III. A Perfect Day A. Wake up late and watch TV in our footie pajamas
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Unformatted text preview: B. Snack on animal crackers and juice boxes C. Nap D. Rip paper for hours on end E. Get back into footie pajamas and go to bed early IV. Conclusion A. Establish awesomeness of Ethan B. What if the world was like Ethan...
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