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If I Could Speech - seen Try to I dare you Yeah didn’t...

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I want you all to take a moment to envision yourself in the perfect world. One where you have no stress. Not a care in the world. This means no homework and no job. Those nagging parents? Gone. Now some of you may be saying, “Wait, but such a world doesn’t exist. How are we supposed to imagine a place we’ve never seen.” My response? There is such a place. I am about to show you a man that has found this amazing place. A man the leads a life of luxury and relaxation. But most importantly, a man I would love to spend a day with. Clip Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ethan. Now although he just seems like any old baby that can rip a piece of paper. Whoopdeedoo, right? You can do that, I can do that. So why would I spend a day with Ethan then? Well, for starters, look at him. Try and tell me he isn’t one of the cutest babies you’ve ever
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Unformatted text preview: seen. Try to. I dare you. Yeah, didn’t think so. And secondly…he’s a total chick magnet. Think about it. You strap that badboy in the stroller and take a walk around the park and bam, you’ve got at least two dozen women crawling all over you. More importantly though, he doesn’t have a care in the world. Ethan spends his free time ripping pieces of paper for enjoyment. Do you think any sane person our age with projects to do, and speeches to write would waste time doing that? I sure don’t think so. Until he grows up, he is leading the perfect life. Without any stress in his life, his only worry is that he doesn’t run out of paper. I can guarantee that all of you right now could use a full day without worry or stress over school, or parents, or whatnot. Well, if I had a day like this with Ethan, here is how I would spend it....
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