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Word Choice Outline - I John M alloy I I Word Choice I I I...

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Unformatted text preview: I. John M alloy I I. Word Choice I I I. I n t roduction A. Greet audience w ith long, complicated sentence B. Explain why I did this and int roduce word choice IV. Audience A. I dentify who you are speaking to 1. Use age appropr iate language 2. Use te rms that the audience knows B. Personal P ronouns 1. Use “You” and “We” to keep the audience tied in 2. These make the audience feel like you are talking to and w ith them, n ot at them. V. Simple Words A. English language gives us many synonyms for almost every word 1. I f possible use the smallest, most w idely known word 2. I f it’s absolutely necessary to use a bigger, fancier word, make an e ffort to explain them. B. Too many big and fancy words w ill make the message hard to u nderstand and can distance the listeners from the speaker V I. P recise and Specific Words A. Using precise words makes your speech easier to understand 1. Express your thoughts and feelings accurately, or exactly 2. When looking for precise words, you have to be able to see the d ifference in meaning between two similar words B. Specific words also makes your ideas clearer and your speech easier to u nderstand 1. “Focus on the items within a category” 2. Use to control what the audience visualizes V I I. ACT I V I TY A. Describe and play Taboo B. T ie game back into word choice V I I I. Conclusion A. Reinforce main points B. I n t roduce Cameron for “Transition” section ...
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Word Choice Outline - I John M alloy I I Word Choice I I I...

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