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John Malloy December 14, 2009 EAS101H - Professor Ettouney Choosing How to Meet the Deadline Deadline , by Chris Crutcher, tells the compelling story of a smart-ass high school boy, Ben Wolf, who has only one year to live. Because Ben’s story is very unique and much different than anything any of us have ever gone through, there is much we can learn by analyzing his choices and observing the outcomes. In a sense, we can think of this as a form of research we are conducting in order to improve our lives. Similarly, the scientific method of solving problems is used extensively throughout the book by nearly every main character. The rest of this report focuses on the plotline, key lessons learned, and the previously noted strong connection to the EAS101 course and its objectives. This story starts with Ben talking about his senior year of high school. Instead of taking the route of many typical seniors and slacking off, Ben has decided to be “Mr. Ambitious.” He plans to learn as much as humanly possible, set Cross Country state records, and sweep the girl of his dreams off her feet. Quite a lot to accomplish in one year. His dreams are crushed, though, when he learns that this will be his last year to live. Ben is diagnosed to have a rare terminal disease and is hardly expected to make it out of his senior year. However, instead of taking therapy that will give him only a few more weeks and letting his family and friends know about it, Ben decides to tell no one and tough it out. This is a decision that Ben later comes to regret, due to the implications it causes for everyone he loves. Because of this new information, Ben makes a new plan for his senior year.
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Book Report - John Malloy December 14, 2009 EAS101H -...

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