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Post Experience Reflection - John Malloy HON181 -...

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John Malloy HON181 - Post-Experience Letter December 9, 2009 This Honors Experience offered great insight into how to truly reflect on events in my life. The class was based around this concept and forced us to reflect on our everyday occurrences. Gaining the simple ability to reflect better can have huge effects on one’s life. It has the potential to change how a person acts and carries themselves. This was very evident for me after the completion of an activity where we were required to step outside of our comfort zone. I took part in the Diwali performance put on by the Indian Student Association to fulfill the assignment. After the performance was over, I was ecstatic for it to be done and over with, but upon reflecting on the experience I realized how much fun I had and how much I learned. This reflection led me to the decision that I will most likely take part in the performance for the next three years here at Miami. The people I met and the cultural aspects I learned are invaluable and I decided I would like
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This note was uploaded on 09/20/2011 for the course HON 181 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '09 term at Miami University.

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Post Experience Reflection - John Malloy HON181 -...

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