Comfort Zone - John Malloy HON181 Stepping Out of Comfort...

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John Malloy HON181 – Stepping Out of Comfort Zone December 2, 2009 Diwali 2009 Being a part of the Diwali performance has been a great experience. Despite my initial fear of joining, I couldn’t be happier about getting involved with it. Through it, I’ve met numerous people and made many friends that I may not have otherwise. On top of that, I’ve learned a bunch of sweet dances moves too. I’m definitely going to be returning to perform for the rest of my time here at Miami. I first became involved with the Indian Student Association, or ISA, about a month into the semester. One of my Indian friends tried desperately to get me to join the Diwali dance team. This wasn’t like anything I had ever done before in my life. Not only was I going to be surrounded by Indian people, putting me in the minority, but I would be dancing. If dancing wasn’t bad enough, I would have to perform in front of hundreds of people. It took a lot of convincing, but eventually I gave in and went to one of the practices. The first practice was pretty rough. It was apparent that I was in no way a dancer. Everyone was understanding, though, and made an effort to make me feel welcomed. Due to their friendliness I decided to come back for another practice, and before I knew it, I was going to every practice. Surprisingly, I even started looking forward to them since I got to hang out with my new friends and make myself look foolish for two hours. As the actual performance date approached, practices got much longer, and much more numerous. Before I knew it, we were practicing three or four days a week at two hours per practice.
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Comfort Zone - John Malloy HON181 Stepping Out of Comfort...

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