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Lab 6 Report - pipetter The other three filtrates were all...

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Bonecrusher BMZ115EK - Lab 7 Tzvia Cuperman November 29, 2010
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Hypothesis: The M strain sends a signal, so the introduction of M strain filtrate into a W strain plate will have an effect. Methods: The hypothesis was tested by applying varying densities of M and W strain filtrates to the W plates. This experiment requires 5 potato dextrose agar plates with a 1:8 density of the W strain already applied, filtrates of the W and M strains, a microscope, and a pipetter with disposable tips. The filtrates applied to the plates were broths created from previous samples of the strains. There was a high density, 1:1, and a low density, 1:27, for each filtrate. The application of the M strain filtrates served as the experimental control, while the application of the W strain filtrates served as the positive control. A negative control was achieved by adding water to the W plate. The experiment was achieved by simply applying the different strains to the W plates. First, the high density M strain filtrate was applied to a W plate through use of the
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Unformatted text preview: pipetter. The other three filtrates were all applied to separate W plates through use of the pipetter, using clean tips each time. Finally, the water was applied to a W plate. The plates were left alone to grow for two weeks. Each plate was left to grow for the same period of time, and under the same conditions. These functioned as the controls of the experiment. To collect data, the plates were observed under a microscope. The number of “mittens” and “bulbs” on each plate was recorded. These numbers were then compared to the data collected from the previous portion of the lab where the strains were left to grow on their own without filtrates. Results (Tables and Figures): Results (Written): Discussion: The results of the experiment support the hypothesis that the M strain can send a signal and that the application of an M strain filtrate to a W strain plate will have an effect....
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