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Comprehensive Final study guide (Dr. Moore’s lectures) Mitosis: You should know… - the roles of cell division - what chromosomes are and terminology used to describe them (chromatids, etc) - the defining characteristics of each phase of the cell cycle (including mitosis) Meiosis: You should know… - the benefits and downsides of both asexual and sexual reproduction - Meiotic chromosome terminology (e.g. homologous chromosome, tetrads, haploid, diploid, etc) - Major events in meiosis and relative order in which they occur - Life cycle of animals (where and when mitosis/meiosis occurs, where variation is generated) - compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis - the sources of genetic variation and how they contribute to the evolutionary process Mendelian genetics: You should know… - Mendelian genetic terminology (alleles, dominant, recessive, etc) - Mendel’s two laws of heredity (define and give an example) - Expected genotypic and phenotypic outcomes of a monohybrid cross - Expected phenotypic outcomes of a dihybrid cross (F2, 9:3:3:1, What do the numbers mean?)
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